Celebration of community and Resilience in the face of hate


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During SB1070

In 2010, 10 years of national anti-immigrant sentiment reached a boiling point and Arizona was the battleground. SB1070, Arizona’s “Show Me Your Papers” law, was the latest of 10 years of anti-immigrant and anti-Latinx laws. Arizona Latinxs were fed up with the attacks on their families and fought back!

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10 Years of Building

The organizers and activists from the last 30 years empowered and trained our youth to take leadership. They saw that Latinxs were underrepresented in all aspects of civic engagement. New, young and a diverse leadership got together and formed organizations to change that.

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Over the next 10 years, Arizona moved from being the State of Hate to building a foundation of progressive values. Today, Arizona is a swing state because of the mass mobilization of communities of color and young, engaged voters. The community was empowered and understood that through collective action, change could be achieved.

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